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Going to an Elder Law Attorney

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Elder Law Lake Oswego Oregon

What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

When people are at or near retirement age, they can benefit greatly by visiting an elder law attorney. For people to get the most out of the visit, it is important to know what to expect.

Many people may not fully understand what elder law attorneys do. Some people think they focus on legal problems specific to their age, such as elder abuse or issues with Medicare. While elder law attorneys can assist with these matters, they’re only part of what elder law attorneys do. They also help people in preparation for other common problems that occur when people get older.

Anyone can benefit from a visit to an elder law attorney to make legal arrangements ahead of any of those common problems. As discussed by Beth Leuders in a post written for Right at Home‘s website, elder law attorneys help people approaching retirement age to anticipate future issues and prepare for them.

Elder Law Attorneys Help Prepare for Potential Needs in Older Age

Elder Law Attorney Lake Oswego ORFor example, if an older person develops dementia or a terminal illness that incapacitated them, then they will need someone else to handle their affairs for them. If they wait until such a person is needed, a court will likely have to appoint someone, which can quickly become a timely and costly process.

An elder law attorney can prepare the legal documents necessary to avoid having to go through court. The elder law attorney can also help the older person decide ahead of time who to appoint as a decision-maker upon incapacity. Elder law attorneys offer many other services, including planning for long-term nursing home care, assisting with estate planning documents, providing planning for family members with special needs, and helping clients understand Social Security.

Am I Old Enough for an Elder Law Attorney?

Wondering if you are enough of an “elder” to justify these concerns? If you are over 18 years old, then naming a person who could handle medical or financial decisions for you in the event of an incapacitating illness, injury or accident is critically important.

How Can Oregon Estate & Elder Law Help You?

Schedule an appointment today with an elder law attorney who can advise you on how to prepare for any potential needs that may arise as you get older. The attorneys at Oregon Estate & Elder Law have decades of combined experience and can help you prepare for your future. Call today!



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