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Oregon Estate and Elder Law helps families and seniors in Oregon with legal issues that arise with age or disability. Oregon Estate and Elder Law attorneys provide legal assistance and representation to assist our clients to properly plan for the long-term care costs of a nursing home. The legal assistance includes irrevocable trust planning, Medicaid planning, special needs trust planning, and disability planning.

Long-term care refers to a range of services and support a person may need to meet their individual health care needs.

Oregon law currently allows “expanded estate recovery,” providing the state the ability to recover from one’s probate estate and other property ownership.

The Medicaid application will require you to list all uncompensated transfers over the past five years, including gifts or transfers for less than fair market value.

Medicaid is a government program that pays for both medical costs and long-term care costs. to qualify, you must meet strict financial and other eligibility requirements.

You may pay up to $150,000 per year for nursing home care. Rather than depleting your life savings, options are available to protect your assets.

Medicare generally will not cover long-term care except in certain, specific circumstances.

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